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Connecting Pixy2 to RoboRIO (FIRST Robotics Competition)

If you want to use Pixy2 with RoboRIO and LabVIEW, go here to get started. Questions regarding this site/repository and its code can be directed to us.

If you want to use Pixy2 with RoboRIO and Java, this repository appears to be really solid. Questions regarding this repository and its code should be directed to its maintainer.

If you know of other Pixy2/RoboRIO projects, let us know!


Note, if you are using Pixy2 for LEGO Mindstorms, the Pixy2 LEGO Wiki is tailored to your needs.

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Pixy2's Programs

Troubleshooting Guide

How to connect Pixy2 to...

Tracking Objects

Pan-tilt Mechanism

Making a Pixy2 mobile robot

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Software & Firmware

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