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Pixy2 Nominal Dimensions

All dimensions are listed in millimeters (mm). For written dimensions, scroll down.


For the image below, we've measured the distance to centers of prominent features on Pixy2 and list them as (X, Y) coordinates, measured in millimeters. The top left corner of Pixy2 is the origin (0,0) and the Y axis is inverted - that is, Y values increase as you move down.


Overall dimensions

Width - 38.25 mm
Height - 42 mm

Camera cover (white plastic)

Width - 13.5 mm
Height - 17.6 mm

Center of lens: (19, 5)
Lens pinhole (diameter): 1.3 mm

PCB holes

3 mm diameter
center 1: (5.1, 31.3)
center 2: (16, 38.8)
center 3: (22.4, 38.8)

Spacing: 6.4 mm center to center between holes 2 and 3

Color LED

center: (18.7, 32.3)
width: 2.2 mm
height: 3.2 mm

Illumination LEDs

center 1: (2, 1.3)
center 2: (36, 1.3)
width: 2 mm
height: 1.6 mm


width: 3.4 mm
height (from top edge of PCB): 4.7 mm
distance to left side, from origin: 29.7 mm

PCB bottom "nub"

width: 17.8 mm
height (from bottom of main PCB): 6.5 mm

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