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PixyMon parameters tab

This tab contains parameters for configuring various PixyMon related features. To bring up the Interface Tab, first bring up the Configure Dialog (click on the gear icon or select File➜Configure). Now select the PixyMon Parameters.

  • Document folder: This is the path where PixyMon saves grabbed images as well as its configuration (config.xml).
  • Pixy start command: This is the command that PixyMon sends to Pixy when Pixy is first plugged into your computer via USB or when PixyMon is first run.
  • Highlight overexposure: Pixy needs to get the correct exposure setting, or its images won't contain enough dynamic range, and detection accuracy will suffer. When enabling Highlight overexposure, PixyMon will highlight regions of the image that are overexposed by showing them as black pixels. You can adjust the exposure by adjusting the Camera Brightness setting in the Signature Tuning tab. There is more detailed information here.
  • Debug: Setting this to 1 or higher will enable debug messages for PixyMon.
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