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Save/load/restore Pixy2's parameters

Pixy2 stores several parameters such as the color signatures, signature ranges, servo limits, data out port, UART baudrate, etc. in flash memory so they can be recalled and used for subsequent power cycles. You can save these parameters on your computer and reload them onto your Pixy2 later, or even copy them onto another Pixy2.

Saving parameters

You first need to save the parameters into a local file onto your computer. Select File➜Save Pixy parameters… PixyMon will bring up a file selection dialog. Choose a suitable filename and press OK. The parameters will then be transferred from your Pixy and saved in the file you chose.

Loading parameters

To load previously saved parameters onto your Pixy2, select File➜Load Pixy parameters… PixyMon will bring up a file selection dialog. You can then choose the file you previously saved and press OK. PixyMon will then load the parameters contained in the file onto your Pixy2.

Restoring default parameters

To restore the default values for all of Pixy2's parameters, select File➜Restore default parameters. Pixy2 will then write all of the default parameters for you.

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