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Hooking up Pixy2 to LEGO Mindstorms

If you have Pixy2 for LEGO

Pixy2 for LEGO comes with a special Pixy2-to-LEGO cable and is preloaded with a version of the firmware that speaks the LEGO protocol by default. If you have Pix2y for LEGO, just follow our Pixy2 for LEGO Quick Start Guide.

If you have "regular" Pixy2

If you have “regular” Pixy2, you can still hook it up to LEGO Mindstorms EV3. It will require you to make a Pixy2 LEGO cable, or possibly buy a Pixy2 LEGO cable from one of our distributors - currently Robotshop or Amazon US.

Once you've bought or made a cable, you'll need to set the Data out port to LEGO I2C in the Interface Tab in PixyMon.

And you're ready to follow the Pixy2 LEGO Quickstart Guide.

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