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Pixy Quick Start

Install PixyMon

If you're just getting started with Pixy, you should install PixyMon first. It will allow you to configure Pixy and see what it sees. Choose your platform below:

Teach Pixy

After you install PixyMon and get it running, the next step is to teach Pixy an object, or 2, or 3

Hook up to your microcontroller

Your Pixy should now be locating and tracking the objects that you taught it. (hooray!) You're now ready to do something useful with Pixy, which usually involves connecting Pixy to your favorite microcontroller:

Assemble and test the pan/tilt mechanism

If you purchased a pan/tilt kit, build it using these assembly instructions, then run the pan/tilt demo. You can run the demo on Pixy by itself (without a microcontroller) or from your microcontroller (e.g. Arduino) so you can easily modify/extend the code.


If the above links don't solve your issue, or if you have questions or suggestions, please send them to support@pixycam.com. We also have a public forum where you can ask technical questions about the Pixy software or hardware, and learn what the Pixy community is up to.

Digging deeper

Click here for the wiki index - there's tons of info here, including pointers on how to mount Pixy to your robot creation, talking to your Pixy via the Python API, and much much more.

One final thing - we need your help to tell people about Pixy. Please take 15 seconds to leave a product review on Amazon! It really helps our small business.

Thanks again for your support!

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