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Installing PixyMon on Windows XP

You will need a USB mini cable for your computer to talk to Pixy. This cable isn't included with Pixy. :(


Download the latest PixyMon version here. and run the installer. Don't plug in your Pixy into your computer yet though. When installing PixyMon on a Windows XP machine, installation proceeds as expected and finishes.

Now plug in your Pixy into your computer with a USB mini cable.


A New Hardware Wizard dialog should pop up.


Click on “No, not this time” and then “Next”.* In the next dialog, *click on “Install the software automatically” and then “Next”.


The driver will then be installed. When the driver is finished installing, PixyMon will start displaying live video of what it sees.


What's next? Let's teach Pixy an object!

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