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Signature Labels Tab

The Signature Labels Tab allows you to label objects that are detected by Pixy. This feature only works within PixyMon when in Default and Cooked modes. Note also that the signature labels are stored on Pixy. So if you set some signature labels and then plug your Pixy into another computer running PixyMon, the labels will be there.


To label a signature, simply type in the label and click on Apply or OK.


Detected object that match this signature will then be labeled in PixyMon.


Color Codes

Labeling color coded objects requires typing commands into the Pixy command window, since there are thousands of possible color codes. Start by pressing the stop button.


Then type in the command cc_setLabel followed by the color code number followed by the label. Note, if you want spaces in your label, use underscores instead. And don't forget to hit return!


Your label will then show up in the Signature Labels Tab as you'd expect, and any objects that match your color code will be labeled with your text.


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