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Expert Tab

This tab contains more advanced parameters for adjusting various Pixy things. To bring up the Expert Tab, first bring up the Configure Dialog (click on the gear icon or select File➜Configure). Now select the Expert tab under Pixy Parameters.


  • Color code multiplier: The signatures associated with color codes can be more inclusive, because false positives are less likely. Also, the color swatches used with color codes may be somewhat reflective, which requires a more inclusive signature. The Color code multiplier is multiplied by the corresponding Signature range (in the Signature Tuning Tab) to create the signature range for the color code.
  • Color code mode: This parameter sets the behavior of color codes, including enabling/disabling. Hovering the mouse over the parameter will provide information on the available settings.
    Enabled: Color codes are enabled, normal mode.
    Disabled: Color codes are disabled.
    Color codes only: Only color codes are reported. Objects that match non-color-code signatures will not be reported.
    Mixed: This is the same as normal color code mode, but Pixy will also report color-code signatures that aren't part of color codes. (Normally, Pixy only reports color-code signatures that are part of color codes – 2 or more color-code signatures that are close together.)
  • Signature teach threshold: This parameter applies when you are teaching Pixy a signature using the button-push method. It allows you to adjust how inclusive Pixy is when determining which pixels are part of the object you are trying to teach. You can find more information here.

The short video below shows the teach threshold in action:

  • LED brightness: sets the brightness of Pixy's RGB LED. Pixy's LED is quite bright if you want it to be (too bright to look at!)
  • Startup program: This parameter sets the program that gets executed upon power-up. The available programs are listed in the pulldown menu.
  • Debug: sets the debug level within Pixy. Setting the value to 0 means that no debugging information is displayed.
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