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Pixymon Configuration Parameters

  • Max blocks
    • Sets the maximum total blocks sent per frame.
    • default: 1000
  • Max blocks per signature
    • Sets the maximum blocks for each color signature sent for each frame.
    • default: 1000
  • Min block area
    • Sets the minimum required area in pixels for a block. Blocks with less area won't be sent.
    • default: 20
  • Min saturation
    • Sets the minimum allowed color saturation for when generating color signatures. Applies during teaching.
    • default: 10.0
  • Hue spread
    • Sets how inclusive the color signatures are with respect to hue. Applies during teaching.
    • default: 1.0
  • Saturation spread
    • Sets how inclusive the color signatures are with respect to saturation. Applies during teaching.
    • default: 1.0
  • Data out port
    • Selects the port that's is used to output data. 0=SPI, 1=I2C, 2=UART, 3=analog/digital x, 4=analog/digital y
    • default: 0
  • I2C address
    • Sets the I2C address if you are using I2C data out port.
    • default: 0x54
  • UART baudrate
    • Sets the UART baudrate if you are using UART data out port.
    • default: 19200
  • Default program
    • Selects the program number that's run by default upon power-up.
    • default: 0
  • Brightness
    • Sets the average brightness of the camera, can be between 0 and 255.
    • default: 80

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