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Building PixyMon

PixyMon, like all of Pixy, is fully open source. You can obtain the latest source through git and github. The default master branch contains the latest stable source code.

Building in Windows

To build PixyMon for Windows, you need to first install the Qt development environment. Probably the easiest way to get there is to install the Qt Open Source distribution with the mingw compiler. (We use the mingw compiler to create the Windows binaries.) Go here:


and download and run the installer, and go with the defaults during the install, unless you know what you're doing.

Once Qt is installed, run Qt Creator. Click on File➜Open File or Project and browse to src/host/pixymon/pixymon.pro and then build by clicking on Build➜Build Project “pixymon”. Run by clicking on the run icon or debug icon.

If PixyMon crashes immediately, it's usually caused by a missing libusb DLL. Be sure to copy libusb-1.0.dll into the same directory as the executable.

Note: many users have found that Qt version 5.4.x causes problems with PixyMon. We recommend Qt version 5.2.x.

Building in MacOS

To build PixyMon for Mac OSX, you need to first install MacPorts (if you haven't already) by going here:


Once you've installed, bring up a console window and run these commands:

sudo port install libusb
sudo port install qt4-mac

The qt4-mac package will take some time to install. If you already have Qt version 4.8 installed, you can use this version if you like, but it might require some
some editing of the paths in the build script (buildpixymon.sh)

Obtain the Pixy source code and compile by running these commands from the console:

git clone https://github.com/charmedlabs/pixy.git
cd pixy/scripts

After the build finishes, point your Finder to the pixy/build/pixymon directory and run PixyMon.

You can now copy the PixyMon app into your Applications directory if you like.

Building in Linux

Please go here for detailed instructions.

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