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-====== Video ======+===== Video =====
-The video program ​simply ​displays ​raw video without ​any processing.  ​+The video program displays video -- simple! ​ It can also be used to get red, green and blue pixel values of specified locations within the video images. ​ Check out the [[wiki:​v2:​video_api|video API]] for more details.  
 +We noticed that several Pixy1 users were using Pixy to just sense color values, but using the color connected components algorithm to do so.  
 + To make these kinds of color sensing applications easier (we're talking to you, Rubik'​s cube solvers!), we added the [[wiki:​v2:​video_api|getRGB()]] function to the video program. ​ We won't be giving ​any TED talks on this feature, but we hope it's useful:)   
 +Note, [[wiki:​v2:​pixymon_overview|PixyMon]] displays the x, y mouse location in image coordinates in the lower right corner of the main window to help determine the coordinates to request from getRGB(). ​
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