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   * [[wiki:​v2:​Hooking_up_Pixy_to_a_Microcontroller_-28like_an_Arduino-29|Arduino]]   * [[wiki:​v2:​Hooking_up_Pixy_to_a_Microcontroller_-28like_an_Arduino-29|Arduino]]
   * [[wiki:​v2:​Hooking_up_Pixy_to_a_Raspberry_Pi|Raspberry Pi]]   * [[wiki:​v2:​Hooking_up_Pixy_to_a_Raspberry_Pi|Raspberry Pi]]
-  * [[wiki:​v2:​pixy_lego_quick_start|LEGO Mindstorms EV3]] 
   * [[wiki:​v2:​Hooking_up_Pixy_to_a_Beaglebone_Black|BeagleBone Black]]   * [[wiki:​v2:​Hooking_up_Pixy_to_a_Beaglebone_Black|BeagleBone Black]]
 +  * [[wiki:​v2:​pixy_lego_quick_start|LEGO Mindstorms EV3]]
 +  * [[wiki:​v2:​Hooking_up_Pixy2_to_ev3dev|ev3dev]]
   * [[wiki:​v2:​Hooking_up_Pixy2_to_RoboRIO|RoboRIO (FIRST Robotics Competition)]]   * [[wiki:​v2:​Hooking_up_Pixy2_to_RoboRIO|RoboRIO (FIRST Robotics Competition)]]
   * [[wiki:​v2:​Porting_Guide|Other devices - porting guide (I2C, SPI, UART, etc)]]   * [[wiki:​v2:​Porting_Guide|Other devices - porting guide (I2C, SPI, UART, etc)]]

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