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 ====== Hooking up Pixy2 to an Activity Bot 360 ====== ====== Hooking up Pixy2 to an Activity Bot 360 ======
-Parallax provides this [[https://​learn.parallax.com/​tutorials/​robot/​activitybot/​add-pixy2-cmucam-activitybot-360%C2%B0/​make-pixy2-connections|tutorial ​to connect Pixy2 with Activity Bot 360!]]+{{:​wiki:​v2:​pixy2_parallax.jpg?​nolink|}} 
 +**[[https://​learn.parallax.com/​tutorials/​robot/​activitybot/​add-pixy2-cmucam-activitybot-360%C2%B0/​make-pixy2-connections|Click here for the tutorial!]]**
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