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-====== ​Can I replace the lens on Pixy2? ​======+====== ​The image in PixyMon is blurry ​======
-It depends on which version of Pixy2 you have.  ​Pixy 2.1 has a replaceable M12 lens, but Pixy 2.0 does not.+You can focus Pixy 2.1 by turning the lens clockwise or counterclockwiseDo this while looking at the PixyMon window while running the Video program
-You can use practically any M12 lens with Pixy 2.1 as long as it has an IR-cut filter. ​ (The IR-cut filter ​is something all CMOS sensors need to eliminate most of the ambient IR lightwhich can adversely affect the color fidelity.) ​ Pixy 2.1 ships with a 1.7mm focal lengh F2.0 lenswhich gives it an 80-degree horizontal ​field of view +Note, if you have a Pixy 2.0, there is no way to adjust ​the focushowever, it is focused at the factory for the best depth-of-field.
- +Pixy 2.1's lens will focus on objects that are very close, even less than an 1/4 inch from the lens. However, most users prefer to operate Pixy 2.1 with its lens focus set to infinity, which (for Pixy's lens) means that any object that is 1 inch or farther from the lens will be in focus. (note: we set the focus to infinity before shipping each Pixy, although it may shift slightly ​in transit).
-Pixy 2.0 has a slightly ​smaller field of view - 60 degrees horizontal.+
 [{{wiki:​v2:​pixy2_angle-white-225px.jpg|Pixy2}}] [{{wiki:​v2:​pixy2_angle-white-225px.jpg|Pixy2}}]
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 [{{wiki:​v2:​pixy2_3_result_result.jpg|Pixy2.1}}] [{{wiki:​v2:​pixy2_3_result_result.jpg|Pixy2.1}}]
-Engineering is all about managing a series of tradeoffs!+
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